The use of online social networks as a promotional tool for self-administered internet surveys

El último número de la prestigiosa «Revista Española de Sociología» incluye un trabajo realizado junto a los profesores Díaz de Rada y Casaló titulado «The use of online social networks as a promotional tool for self-administered internet surveys».

En dicho trabajo efectuamos una introducción al uso de redes sociales como medio a través del cual recoger datos vía encuestas auto-administradas. Además, el paper incluye un análisis descriptivo a partir de los datos provenientes de una investigación real.

El trabajo es de acceso libre. Espero que os guste.


This paper presents the results of a research carried out in Spain to obtain information about online consumer behavior in the tourism sector, employing a survey conducted through the Internet. Researches carried out through the Internet frequently use volunteers instead of the random and equiprobable selection used in other surveys, which means that the possibilities of generalizing the results are limited. In order to try to reduce this problem as much as possible, it is usual to conduct extensive promotional campaigns of online surveys using banners and mailing lists, and offering incentives to participants. This paper also uses an online communication tool that is becoming increasingly important: online social networks. All these tools have been used in the promotion of the survey, which has allowed us to obtain a number of replies that considerably increases the representativeness of the sample.


Díaz, V.; Casaló, L.; Guinalíu, M. (2016). “El uso de las redes sociales online como herramienta promocional de encuestas autoadministradas en Internet”, Revista Española de Sociología, Vol. 25 (2), pp. 189-203.